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Senior Unreal Engine Developer

Category: Programming
Type: Full Time
Location: Turkey

Job Description

Join our global company as a Senior Unreal Engine Developer – C++ for our PC game project, and seize this extraordinary opportunity to be at the forefront of innovative technology. We specialize in tech for good and green tech, with a strong commitment to sustainability, education, and safety within the realm of innovation. Working with us is an endeavor you will take great pride in.

In this role, your primary focus will be on the C++ side of development, rather than blueprints. The foundation of most applications lies in 3D technology.

As a senior Unreal Engine Developer, you will bring your extensive development experience to the table, coupled with a practical and results-driven approach to your work. You will contribute to high-level development tasks and actively engage in mentoring and knowledge-sharing activities with our junior team members.


  • Proficiency in Unreal Engine: A deep understanding and mastery of the Unreal Engine is crucial. This includes an extensive knowledge of its systems, tools, and workflows, along with a strong grasp of its Blueprint visual scripting system and C++ programming;
  • Game Development Experience: Extensive experience in game development is essential. This encompasses a solid understanding of game design principles, gameplay mechanics, physics, AI, networking, and optimization techniques. You should have a proven track record of delivering high-quality game experiences;
  • Performance Optimization and Debugging: A senior developer should excel in performance optimization. This includes the ability to profile and analyze code, identify performance bottlenecks, and implement optimization strategies to achieve smooth and responsive gameplay. Strong debugging skills are also necessary to diagnose and fix complex issues.


In return you will be given

  • Industry leading salary (matching established and reputable studio rates throughout Europe);
  • Health care plan 100% covered by the company  (Starting 1st of working day);
  • Lunch payment (Base on working days);
  • Bonuses based on company performance ( decided by the executive of the company);
  • Paid time off (sick days, public holidays and vacations);
  • The necessary tools and hardware to develop successful and engaging mobile titles;
  • Flexible working hours;
  •  Private pension plan;
  • A permanent and influential position with a growing team lead by industry veterans.


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